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Sit down to “Big Easy” dining at this delicious table-service restaurant featuring classic American flavors with a Cajun-Creole flair. Enjoy indoor or outdoor dining overlooking the majestic Rivers of America.
Café Orléans offers many of the same dishes as served in the Blue Bayou Restaurant, but with outdoor patio seating and lower prices.
Do not leave without ordering the Mickey beignet! They are just like what you would find in New Orleans, plus they serve them with 2 delicious dipping sauces … a vanilla sauce and a raspberry sauce … Tres yummy!

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With all of the creativity poured into smaller details like the scroll work of this sign, sometimes it’s the most fun just to walk through the parks looking for things you haven’t seen before. Chances are that even if you have been a million times you’ll find something. Or maybe you’ll see something in a new way. One of my favorite places to do this is New Orleans Square. I especially love the signs you can find along your way through here.

Warm Bodies <3

old photo from when I first got Kiko.